If someone asks the time when the vintage trend starts, no one will give him a detailed answer. Many designs of famous brands add a lot of vintage elements in succession, so do the models’ makeup. And extended red lipsticks sweep another new round of vintage trend. To look back th whole 2010 fashion, you may aware that it is so easy to find vintage bags no matter from the various brand conferences or trendsetters’ wardrobes. Most of them are stylish and practical. Actually, these vintage bags are showing modern society’s retrospection and certainty towards the past. I think that is one of the reasons for the hot trend of vintage bags. It, in return, adopts the combination of lovely style, bright color and classic logo. The new design is telling people that vintage bags can also in shining colors.

Celine always has a reputation for simplicity. No matter its clothes or the bags tend to be designed in a simple way, which makes it always have a seat in the fashion field. And it is this kind of simplicity that makes its fans crazy about the bags. This year it also adds vintage elements into the bags without violating its central ideas.

Speaking of Balenciaga, you must be still deeply impressed about its classic motorcycle bag. Now it also releases new bags for early spring. The bag here combines the modern idea and vintage elements in a harmonious way. Although there is no obvious point on its designs and colors, it will cost you rather much money.

Bulgari is originally a top level jewelry brand. Then it continuously promotes perfume, advanced formatting clothes and bags. The Bulgari family originated from Greece, so you can appreciate the Renaissance style of ancient Roman from its design. And do these Athens style bags catch your heart now?

Chlo comes from Paris, which is regarded as the most romantic city in the world. As a result, its design ideal contains romantic sense. In most cases, it adopts relatively elliptical and plump style. Look at this vintage handbag, and you must have noticed the rosette style in the front. Are you eager to get it?