3 Keys to Launch your Sounds

Welcome to the world of Music Producers

If you find yourself joining us for the first time, welcome to StudioLinked; The go to VST, Audio Plugin software company that is continuously aiming for new and inventive ways to support the creative genius in us all. Hopefully by now you have had some time to explore and even try some of our products as we are always looking to raise the bar and provide our clients not only with state of the art sounds but also position ourselves to be a trusted partner when it comes to the growth and success of all your musical endeavors.

Getting Started

Many of our new StudioLinked members have reached out to us in regards to the proper path to take when it comes to the development of their brand and potential business.
At first, the whole process seems very daunting because as producers all we really want to do is create musical master pieces and have them be listened to and loved by the masses. The stressors that often arises typically don’t occur until after the creation side of things are finalized.

Questions that often arise:
How do I grow my fan base?
How do I position myself to be heard?
And how in the world do I prove that I have what it takes to work with the artists I desire?

Like most good things, it’s not easy but below are three key pieces any producer and artist should keep in mind when looking for a successful plan of attack.

1. Get your name out there

You have to push your brand and your name both online and in your immediate area.
Here at StudioLinked we are hunting for producers with soul and dedication, who look to create a new spin on the sounds we’ve come to love but if we can’t find you, how is anyone else suppose to?

In today’s market there are many platforms and communities available that will help spread your name and connect you with fans and artists, but the important thing to consider, is what will produce the best results.

Assess, assess, assess, it’s the modern day version of location, location, location as your online real-estate is so important.

Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook the list goes on. They all need attention and love. None of which has to be elaborate to begin but it does need consistency and to carry a theme and direction.

2. Protect and licence your music

Make sure that you licence and protect your music. The music business is highly competitive and copyrights can protect you from losing your work. Check out the following links on how to protect your music.



Once you have ensured you copyrights, you should look to license it. There are multiple options out there that will collect funds and draft contracts on your behalf, just be sure to check your emails and stay involved as many artists reach out looking for more information.
StudioLinked Recommendation: https://www.beatstars.com

3. Streaming Platforms 

People want to find you but you have to make it easy and accessible and what better way than ensuring your on every streamable platform available?

No more checking to see if they have Spotify vs iTunes or making them hunt. Here, your fan base can start to mix your music into their daily rotation without it ever feeling like a chore. The even bigger upside is you are creating depth in your name and relevancy.

Build your Rolodex. Similar to a hashtag on IG if we were to type your name into google and see you have a Facebook, an IG, a YouTube, a blog/website as well as an iTunes, Tidal, and Google Play account you look that much more credible and will be received by all who cross paths with your music.

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StudioLinked Recommendation: DistroKid.com, It’s a fast, simple, and cost effective way to get your music on all platforms one song or album at a time.
Hint: Sign up with them today and wait a few days before choosing your plan and they’ll send a discount code.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to shoot us an email at studiolinked@gmail.com if you found this helpful or have other topics you’d like to see covered.

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