StudioLinked develops audio plugins for music producers, beat-makers composers, sound designers and dj’s across the urban genre. Our mission is simple-revelant instruments, drum samples and state of the art design concepts to help make music creation enjoyable for all

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Evin Groves, CEO of StudioLinked and Innovator in the Vst Music Business
Evin started his first company in music production landing remarkable job placements with Warner Brothers Entertainment, MTV and placement with multiple well established artists. Evin was also named Soundclick music producer of the year in 2010.  After three years in music production business, Groves founded StudioLinked when he noticed a gap in the music software market. Within two short years of creating StudioLinked he earned a place at the top of urban music software charts and continues to inspire composers and musicians alike.

StudioLinked’s mission is to create quality vst plugins that can be used by all level music producers. Our vst instruments features a wide range of sounds that can be used for beat making, sound creations and effect additions. We are continuously developing and launching new plugins that cater for our customers needs. In our Software page you can find vst plugins that range from universal vst plugins and professional celebrity vst plugins to free downloadable vst plugins. Studiolinked takes pride in out customer service and we love to hear the sounds and music being created with our plugins which is why we feature some of our customers work on our Instagram and YouTube page. 

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