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EPISODE 1: Meet Dr. Fredrick B. Covington / Jusmei

In our first episode of Innovative Producers we would like to highlight Dr. Fredrick B Covington, also known as Jusmei. He is a pediatric occupational therapist & music producer who thrives in both worlds. Once torn between the two, Fredrick managed to work at a subsidiary of Sony/Bad Boy while also attending medical school. Over the years Fredrick found that using sound has helped with medical endeavors as well as his musical ones. Today, he is proud to say that he was able to merge his two passions….. sound and medicine.

Fredrick is a true example of a music producer using StudioLinked products in an innovative way. He did so by utilizing instruments from the Urban Chord Lab, Swurve, and Pure. Fredrick has been able to help clients, parents, and students from all over see the importance of sound and the role it plays when treating autism, ADHD & sensory integration issues. So the next time you’re making a beat and happen to load up a sound that makes you feel more focused, relaxed, or provides a boost in inspiration -remember it is your brains natural reaction to true sound.

Follow Fredrick on youtube at find more information at, For anyone interested in his work, contact him via email